About Us

The Warner Tech-care Difference


To positively impact the lives of those with hearing loss by promoting prevention and providing lasting hearing solutions.


We are dedicated to equipping the hearing healthcare industry with the quality supplies and support needed to prevent and treat hearing loss worldwide.

We work toward this each day by creating an impactful customer experience through three key values:

Unmatched Service ~ We pride ourselves on our “customer first” mentality and we go to bat for our customers and their needs with our vendors, manufacturers and other partners we work with to provide top quality products and support.

Valued Partnerships ~ We believe in creating relationships based on trust and honesty and have genuine friendships with our partners that go beyond the business relationship. We come alongside our partners to fight through the trials and to celebrate the successes together as a team.

Product Support ~ We will continue to add and shape our product mix based on the needs and demands of our customers. We are known for the ability to source necessary products, while getting the competitive pricing and quality that our customers come to expect from us.

WTC TeamA Little Message From Lee Heidenreich, President, but once and sometimes still, warehouse guy, sales rep, operations manager and everything in between:

Having worked for Warner Tech-Care for over half of my life, I am in a unique position to call the employees, customers, and vendor partners that make Warner Tech-Care, my second family. I can assure you if you choose to do business with us you will be treated like a member of our family. Your business will always be valued no matter how small or large and your requests will be met with a speedy, effective response. We strive to offer the best service in the industry and will go the extra mile to ensure you have a great experience. If there is ever anything we can do to improve please call and ask for me... a live person will always answer during business hours!

Warner Tech-care History: Where We Come From & Where We're Headed

It all started in 1984 when Warner Industrial Supply turned its focus to customers in the hearing healthcare industry. We found a niche in the market by providing hearing products and accessories to large manufacturers like Starkey Hearing Technologies and Dahlberg Electronics. We quickly found success in this rapidly growing industry and in 1992, formed a division called Warner Technologies, focused solely on sales for manufacturing and hearing healthcare supplies.

The high demand for these products led to the conception and launch of our own Tech-care line branded products in 1995. We’ve designed these quality products to provide a more competitive price to large name brand products, as well as fill any product gaps our customers may have.

In 2003, Teresa Nelson, founder and CEO, offered our parent company an opportunity to sell her the hearing division. Once accepted, Warner Tech-care Products, Inc. was born. Warner Tech-care continued to thrive under its new identity and launched our first website in 2006, giving customers more access to products, service and information. That year, we continued to grow our product offerings by adding Ear-guard™ Hearing Protection and Quick-pro™ Instant Earmold material, both staples in our product line today.

Ten years later, Nelson retired as President of Warner Tech-care Products and sold the company to our current President, Lee Heidenreich and Pathfinder LLC (a financial partner with a passion for the hearing industry).

Under this new leadership, we’ve added two new companies through acquisition. The addition of Hal-Hen, a wholesale distributor with a 70-year reputation of servicing the hearing aid market, resulted in a significant increase in the number of products and services we now offer our customers. Secondarily, adding Hearing Technologies International to our portfolio has drastically increased international sourcing capabilities.

By March of 2019, we had outgrown our Roseville, MN location and made the move just a few miles north to our current home in Arden Hills, MN. The space has plenty of room for us to grow and continue to improve in a way that suits our customers.

We’ve undergone a lot of changes throughout the history of the company, but our sound reputation, enduring dedication, and unmatched service has remained constant. We continue serve those we love in an industry we care for deeply.

We are dedicated to equipping the hearing healthcare industry with the quality supplies and support needed to prevent and treat hearing loss worldwide.

Meet The Warner Team

Lee, President
Since 1997

Lee is a lifer. He’s been with us since forever and has worked in just about every department, most recently as El Presidente. He’s passionate about this business and values the relationships with our partners, both client and vendor above all else. He barely has a life outside of Warner Tech-care but when he does he enjoys fishing, hunting, spending time with his wife and daughters, and exploring the ever expanding craft beer industry.

Tammy, Sales
Since 2014
Tammy has been in the hearing industry for much too long which means she knows our products and clients better than they know themselves! She has an immense knowledge base in manufacturing as she previously worked for large industry players such as Sonic Innovations and GN Resound. You will often see her representing Warner Tech-care at most industry tradeshows as she lights up the room with her outgoing and charismatic personality. When she is not out wooing our clients, she’s chasing after her grandsons, snowmobiling or boating depending on what three months of the year it is or relentlessly rooting on the Minnesota Vikings!

Kassy, Operations
Since 2013
Kassy is the fun committee, not on the fun committee... but is the committee... by herself. She ensures that the office is not always about diligently filling orders and shipping packages. Kassy brings that same energy and enthusiasm to battling the challenges that face the hearing community on a daily basis. Having worked for Harris Communications she is our resident ALD guru. When she is not helping others with their excel spreadsheets, planning the next tradeshow/Christmas party/company BBQ she can be found sitting on the ice fishing for walleye with her husband, practicing archery, or herding her chickens.

Jared, Customer Service
Since 2014
Jared is one of the stellar live humans that will answer the phones when you call in to place an order or ask a question. He’s knowledgeable, thorough and genuinely loves to help our customers. His industry background also comes from Sonic Innovations. He has an excellent singing voice for our office birthday rituals but his true passion is for Gaming. You most certainly don’t want to challenge him to a game of Elder Scrolls Online or even more so Skyrim… he will dominate you!

Jeanette, Customer Service
Since 2013

Jeanette is a busy gal in our office, catering to the needs of our customers when they call in and helping out in many other departments as needed. She’s always up for a challenge and loves making our customers happy. She brings all those amazing qualities home with her to love up on her three kids and husband as well as the community she lives in. She loves reading and jamming out to some Sade while cooking a mean spaghetti for her family.

Nick, Sales
Since 2018

Nick is the newest member of the team and he's been a wonderful addition. He has explored many other opportunities before coming to Warner including public policy and bike distribution. Nick is on our customer service team and he's fast and efficient at helping out our customers. He's often lobbying for our customers' needs and is persistent in getting them what they want. He's into all kinds of extreme outdoor stuff including winter fat biking and the Skeleton - this one he typically sits out on and just cheers on his brother at the Olympics. Oh and he would never pass up a donut or bag or two of Haribo Gummy Bears. 

Janelle, Accounting
Since 2008

She pays the bills and kindly harasses you to pay yours! Janelle is a key player on our team, always picking up tasks that aren’t the most fun but somehow finds a way to make them enjoyable. She also assumes the team mom position taking care of us all which she’s a natural at since she has four boys and twelve grandchildren. She’s an empty nester though so she has time for the activities she enjoys most like reading, fishing, walking and hearing the loud ringing and coin dropping, sounds of a payout on a slot machine!

Carole, Marketing & Kitting
Since 1997
Carole is also part of the original crew that has journeyed with Warner Tech-care Products through all the changes. She’s an anchor on our team and always upholds our values with her creativity and design. She works tirelessly to produce and maintain a leading industry catalog for the thousands of products we carry and to be sure our kitting team is always ahead of the game. She has a passion for animals especially cats, and other creative activities like photography and painting. She also has a not-so-secret sweet tooth for cheesecake and Scottish shortbread.

Josh, Warehouse
Since 2012

Josh is a behind the scenes type of guy. He manages our warehouse which often gets little credit for the large role it plays in our business. He’s organized and methodical in his processes and has an uncanny ability of pulling disappearing acts during potlucks. Aside from his magical abilities in the workplace he enjoys some of the finer things in life such as graphic novels, period dramas and epic cheeseburgers such as the Juicy Lucy from an acclaimed local establishment called Matt’s Bar.

Denece, Warehouse
Since 2013

Denece is the queen of hustle in our office. She works diligently in our warehouse to prepare and process our customer orders and shipments. Her accuracy is impeccable and she helps us maintain our high level of on time shipments to our customers. Somehow she still has energy outside of work to appreciate long nature walks and a good scare from a thriller movie. On Sunday’s you’ll find her at church and praying for and cheering on the Minnesota Vikings!

Angie, Kitting
Part-time since 2014

Angie has been part of the Warner Tech-care family for a long time. She is our long standing kitting department member. She’s knowledgeable and speedy, which helps us provide quicker turnaround times for our customers. She’s funny and always has a great story about one of her three kids. When she’s not here, she’s busy being a mom and with any additional rare free time, she likes to read and DIY different craft projects.

Jen, Kitting
Part-time since 2017
Jen joined our kitting team just recently to help us accommodate our expanding customers specific product needs. She’s a quick learner and a great team player! She brings laughter and fun to the team and you can be sure the job will get done quickly and correctly when she’s on it! She loves spending time with her family, walking her dog and watching a vigorous game of soccer.